Test your messages
implement what really converts
Remove the guesswork from your email marketing campaigns and understand what content truly resonates with your customers. A/B test 5 different versions of your email simultaneously. Send the winning email to increase engagement and improve your conversion rates.
Single Click Account Creation. No Credit card Required.
Try Maximum Variation

Optimize every email

Understand your target audience even better than you do now. Determine the elements of your campaign that you would like to test that will give you greater insight about your customers – subject lines, images, content, headers, sender profile,call-to-action buttons, and more.

Find Your best

Set your own testing criteria

Determine what success means for your business. Set the testing criteria of your campaign and pick subsets of your customer list to test up to 10 versions of your email campaign. Use the results to tell you which elements resonate and will generate the highest engagement from the rest of your list. Automatically send the winning email campaign to all your customers, confident that you did your due diligence.

Insight Is Power

Improve your campaigns over time

Keep gathering new data to evolve your marketing strategy. Build in a testing period to your email campaign launch schedule so that you can send your customers the most engaging messages each time. Plan your tests, optimize, and hit your target metrics and conversion rates.

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