Analyze Campign With
Best Accuracy
Just believe our analysis algorithm better finds accurate open and click for better visualization of campaign activity and helps to find the best outcome from the user's old campaign
Single Click Account Creation. No Credit card Required.

Accurate Performance Tracking

Mailatmars accurate data platform for analyzing your campaign with a powered tracking algorithm. we believe the best data gives help to better perform the user's next, we built our data platform more accurate and more visible.


Advanced report for organized workflow

Mailatmars analysis dashboard offers easy-to-export reporting features that help users to get their audience activity data in CSV formatted files and use it for their next CRM system and convert leads into their potential customers.

Also, the User can be able to export a perticular segment that has been present in the Mailatmars account.


Segmentation for target audiance

Segmentation helps to categorize your audience based on their table fields, campaign activity, and other predicted parameter that mailatmars provide.

We work on a rating contact system that helps you to better understand your contact data and help to perform well in your email campaign


Predict Geo-location as per audianced activity

We provide information about the contact's geographical location that is based on contact click activity on your sent email.

We work on geo-location data on segmentation for our users. so, they can directly target appropriate audience from mailatmars dashboard

Mailatmars Plateform