Email Automation by mailatmars

Email Automation by mailatmars

Design workflow for
customer Re-attention
Mailatmars Provide an intuitive workflow editor that triggers an open or clicks email campaign, starts from any addition or updation in the contact list, and follow with various activity like sending email, condition, and many more
Single Click Account Creation. No Credit card Required.
Drage And Drop Builder

Start email workflow based on contact activity

Our marketing automation tools will help you create seamless workflows for your email list. Build automation for welcome emails, on campign activity or 10+ premium triggers.

The average person receives and sends over a hundred emails every day, make your marketing emails stand out with Mailatmars's powerful email marketing tools.


10+ Trigger for launch automation on time

Automation Trigger for launching your email workflow when contact or list performs a specific activity. At mailatmars, it's an easy and understandable trigger concept that can be easily recognizable by users and start with automation in a one-click trigger.

Trigger your workflow on add contact, update tag, update status, contact archived, open email, click email, or complete campaign all trigger work on the respective list or campaigns

Perform Task

Perform action as per trigger OR condition

10+ Action that help to built better workflow as per contact activity OR condition that you defined in automation builder.

Action directory contains flexible acting as defined update contact, send email, check condition, if contact in segment and many more for built more targeted and personalized email.

Mailatmars Provide Built-In webhook action in automation that help to handle request in own way at your Apps Or web.

Automation Insight

Understanding the contact approach to automation

Automation insight dashboard for getting a better understanding of how automation works and where contact reaches at a moment.

We work on an advanced insight platform for view and exporting automation data and also segment data to build highly targeted email campaigns for boosting your email campaign performance

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