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Email campaigns have never been so easy. Mailatmars's software platform offers a host of campaign management tools and services. Leverage the full power of specific campaign contact lists and reporting, coupled with personalized transactional messages. Test drive our free solution to see just how flexible and straightforward managing an email campaign can be.
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Email Campaign manager for bussiness

Have you been tasked with managing your company's email campaigns and need a solution that’s both fast and easy to use? Whether you want to send transactional emails, have segmented contact lists for each campaign or ensure your deliverability is always on point, Mailjet offers a complete solution for all your email needs.


Increase engagement with personalized email campaigns

Marketing is all about making every customer feel special, so make sure you’re sending email campaigns with a human touch. Quickly and easily tailor dynamic content on each email based on variables such as location and historical activity, and adapt the message on each campaign to different customer profiles. Increase your email engagement by using a leading service provider.

Analyze Every Email Campign Performance

Detailed email campaign statistics

Extensive, real-time statistics help you understand how recipients engaged with every single email in your campaign. Who opened your email? Who clicked through to your content? Our monitoring feature allows you to track your email’s performance with usable data, enabling you to refine your email marketing strategy and optimize the performance of your campaigns.


Design your course catalog template in a click

With Email Editor, you can easily create beautiful responsive newsletter templates in just a few clicks. Add or edit content, images or calls-to-action by simply by dragging and dropping elements from our editor, or select one of our awesome email templates. All of our templates are responsive by design, so you can just choose from our ready-made newsletter or transactional templates, or customize one of our marketing, ecommerce, travel or sports designs.


Segmentation for better course recommendation

Segmentation helps to categorize your audience based on their table fields, campaign activity, and other predicted parameter that mailatmars provide.

You can get data about student click activity on various courses to get the best outcomes and the next email campaign.

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